You do a disservice to your readership by including articles by Ron Ross, apparently as a balance to insightful articles by authors such as Steven Jones and Tim Redmond (“The Broken State,” Oct. 29). I have written a rebuttal of Ross’s views of the health care crisis, and Chuck Harvey of Fieldbrook wrote a careful critique of Ross’s fulminations on something Ross called “economics.”

Since this letter won’t be printed I can also comment on two letters on “Rebutting Ron” in your Nov. 8 issue. Mark Cartwright and John Osborn both did incisive surgery that should go a long way to relieve the effluvium emanating from what passes for (or from) Ross’s philosophy.

Your effort to provide “varying perspectives” is commendable. But Ross has proven himself so out of touch with reality that I suggest you look to other writers to help with this “balance” thing. You might contact Peter Hannaford, the former editor of The Eureka Reporter and lately of the Times-Standard. Though I usually don’t agree with him, he at least writes thoughtfully and accurately.

I’d also like to thank Charles Davy for his intonation of the satanic Reagonomic foolishness that “if you’ve seen one redwood, you’ve seen them all.” I finally have a real-life exemplar for that unanchored phrase: “He can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Larry Hourany, McKinleyville

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