Hopefully someone from Child Protective Services read the news reports about the start of the Kinetic Grand Championship Race and launches an investigation into the actions of Alice and Al Krause, the "parents" who tried to force their children's entry into the race ("Know Your 2011 Kinetic Sculptures!" June 2). From the news reports, it appears that the entry of their minor children was more about the Krauses' stubbornness than about the children, the race, or its rules.

According to sources I've spoken with, the Krauses had been told months ago that their minor children could not formally compete in the race due to liability issues. In case anyone isn't aware, the race's volunteer organizers must negotiate with a series of governmental entities whose permission must be granted for the race to take place: the Cities of Arcata, Eureka and Ferndale, plus Caltrans, the Highway Patrol, and the Harbor District. The race takes place in jurisdictions controlled by each of these government agencies and liability is correctly a major concern to them. It is true that, in the past, race organizers looked the other way when minors participated. Those days, however, are long gone. This race is covered by national media and issues such as liability cannot simply be ignored.

The Krauses knew this, yet insisted on forcing their children's entry. From the news reports, it also seemed like these "parents" were attempting to incite a riot on the Arcata Plaza at the start of the race when the race organizers refused to allow them to enter. Shame on them. Hopefully Child Protective Services will look closely at this family and explain to the parents what a poor example they are to others as well as their children.

John Graves, Arcata


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