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Sausage Flap



Boy, the news circuit can be a real meat-grinder! All puns intended and all tongues in cheeks. The saucy plug ("Women and Song," May 16) for the last Women's Music Night left me sizzlin'! I hate to be thin-skinned, but my name, as though I were being quoted, appeared three times and I wasn't even interviewed for the article. The most unfortunate reference was my so-called perception of the Moonstone Outreach Music Project, making it sound like chopped liver. Mark Noyes was legitimately offended and called me to chew the fat. In hindsight, (hind-quarters?) it may be the funniest thing I never said! Mark and I have mutually supported each other's events and I have great regard for all he does to promote musicians in our community. He said himself in the referenced phone call, (and I properly quote), "I'd love to have more women play Moonstone Outreach!" OK gals! Come on out. Sunday was an amazing show at M.O. in Trinidad Town Hall. I saw Eclectica and they have gotten very tight with great material. And then the True Gospel Singers performed who are incredible. Where are you Trinidadians? Westhavians? McKinleyvillers? It's a fabulous venue, Mark is a gracious host, it's a $5 donation with food and wine, and the M.O. are a great bunch of folks and terrific musicians.

Always best to check your sources, or you may print baloney and get a grillin'. Hogs & quiches.

Maria Bartlett, Trinidad

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