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I appreciate Jennifer Fumiko Cahill's badly-needed humor on the topic of sexual harassment ("A Men's Guide to Surviving a Sexual Harassment Witch Hunt," Nov. 8).

My own reaction to this national conversation is very complex, but boils down to two points:

1) What kind of family life did these sexual harassers grow up in? The mind boggles. And, 2) I'm baffled when men say they don't understand the new rules. Men: Is it that complex and arcane to treat women with courtesy and respect? Is it that complicated to respect the autonomy of an individual and her decisions? Are you really that stupid?

Louisa Rogers, Eureka


Few people beyond my own siblings have ever been able to reliably make me simultaneously acknowledge a truly awful reality, and laugh about it at the same time. Dave Barry and John Oliver come to mind, and Jennifer Fumiko Cahill. I hope no talent scout reads her column, "A Men's Guide to Surviving a Sexual Harassment Witch Hunt." She deserves a national audience, but I selfishly want her to remain here, when each week I look forward to her world view and wit.

Nancy Short, Eureka

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