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Shame on Mainstay




I finished reading "Mainstay Unraveled" (Dec. 8) with a sour taste in my mouth. Ms. Walters tastefully reported on a little discussed area of unemployment. As someone who was laid off three years ago and subsequently collected unemployment, I am appalled. I knew for six months it was coming and received all paid-time-off balances that were rightly mine. I now realize I took for granted the monies that were there. My heart goes out to those affected by the closure of Mainstay Business Solutions. I can't imagine in this country that there are people whose checks would be taken away from them by their employer via direct deposit.
I for one will not be visiting Blue Lake Casino any time soon, nor will I be recommending their casino to visitors of Humboldt County.
What's next, the same scenario for the hard working (service) employees at the casino?
Cher-Ae Heights here I come.

Sarah Briskin Lowsley, Eureka


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