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Singing another Tune



Thank you for printing Robert "Woods" Sutherland's excellent analysis of the current cannabis propaganda campaign ("Growing Greed," July 9). As a resident of Southern Humboldt for 20 years, I have continually admired and respected Woods for his fearless advocacy for all life forms and his willingness to speak truth to power, even when the power is that powerful neighbor whom you are afraid to confront about his/her potential contamination of your drinking water because s/he is such an important member of the community and donates so much money to your favorite causes. There are a lot of people in my area who are very concerned about this rampant greed and its accompanying environmental degradation, but few who are as thoughtful and articulate as Woods and as willing to speak out about it. Thanks again to Woods for speaking not only for me, but for all the plants and animals who have no voice in this debate.

Terrie Baune, Salmon Creek


On July 3 the Journal ran a comic titled the "Cannabis Chorale Voice Humboldt." This comic succinctly highlights a handful of myths that have been floating around the community. Unfortunately, the humor of these myths is that so many people believe them with no evidence or expertise. For the sake of our rivers — as well the hardworking men and women who make up our cannabis industry — I feel it is important to point out a few concerns:

You'll just have to trust us. There is nothing trust-based at all about the regulations being deliberated. There is nothing trust-based about the legislation the Emerald Growers Association, of which I'm the executive director, is supporting in Sacramento or the proposed CCVH ordinance. The cannabis farmers in Humboldt County are part of a statewide groundswell of farmers collaboratively working for regulation that involves on-site inspections.

Environmental laws just don't apply. The proposed CCVH ordinance explicitly requires compliance with all existing environmental regulations. The legislation EGA is supporting requires the same. There are few voices saying "free the weed," but I don't take them very seriously.

Ignore our mega-grow. So the first two were objective. This one is subjective: EGA has defined a small farm as ¼ of an acre or less of cannabis. Some people may choose to describe a quarter of an acre as a mega-grow. We call it a small farm.

Diversions, pollution... just let it go. Nothing in the proposed ordinance would exempt diversions or pollution. Legislation is the same. Cannabis industry groups are generally supportive of the water board's program to regulate wastewater. We support provisions in legislation requiring mandatory organic standards.

With so much at stake, we can't afford to get distracted by myths and mistruths. Let's stay focused on facts and finish the job: It's time to regulate commercial cannabis cultivation.

Hezekiah Allen, West Sacramento

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