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Finally. After presiding over countless huge Journal spreads and covers romanticizing marijuana and the Humboldt culture surrounding it, Hank Sims has actually said “enough” (“Town Dandy,” May 14). And here I was beginning to think he was the personal PR man for growers. Sorry, Hank.

As Sims said, the incident involving AK-47s, bulletproof vests and a high speed chase is just the latest episode of events that show that the myth and the reality of pot in Humboldt County are at odds. What was once perhaps a homegrown cottage industry is now a threat to our independent character. Whether we agree on legalization or not, we should all agree to take a stand together and say “enough” to this latest crop of growers — we’ve got your number, and you haven’t been doing us any favors lately.

Enough of monocultures in this county. We don’t need to let this one suck our spirits dry, ruin our neighborhoods and sense of community and continue to take advantage of us. We can do better.

Robin Hashem, Arcata


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