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Start Writing Tickets



The danger I have personally seen on 101 between Arcata and Eureka is trying to cross and someone coming fast in the passing lane ("Building a Better Corridor," Sept. 5). With the 50 mph limit, the passing lane, instead of maybe 75 mph, will be pushing 60 mph, a significant improvement.

Maybe a third of the drivers now respect the 50 mph limit. Most of us figure the cops will nab us at 60 mph, so we run about 57 mph. Today, I saw a young man charging down the road at maybe 65 mph, with a cell phone to his ear. One Sheriff car was seen passing the other way. I rarely see patrol cars on this stretch, and even more rarely anyone pulled over.

I would suggest that a firm 55 mph be enforced. Make a public announcement of this. Have patrol cars visible.

This is the economical, and if the enforcement is sustained, permanent solution to making this stretch as safe as any highway can expect to be.

Jessica Bittner, Bayside

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