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Thanks, Buhne



I want to start by telling Ryan Hurley how flattered I am that he would consider me a charter member of the "tall, aristocratic, well-coifed public servants club" ("Nerfing the World," April 2). One out of three isn't bad — I am tall.

"Aristocratic?" — hardly, as the son of a waitress and a small business bookkeeper. "Well-coifed" just means that the camera caught me after I combed my hair from its usual unkempt, graying, fall-where-it-may look. I'm sure that Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama have better coifs — OK, maybe only two out of three.

Additionally, I thank you for the attention your "119-Percenters" piece brought to the issue of opioid abuse and how prevalent it is in rural Northern California. Unfortunately, I can't take too much credit for my pill crushing demonstration being a "how-to" video. With nearly 1 in 10 California teenagers abusing prescription pain pills for recreational purposes and hospitalization rates for opioid overdose running twice the California average in some rural counties, the "how-to" abuse information is clearly already widely available. The abuse deterrent formula of pain killers addressed in Assembly Bill 623 is not a one-and-done solution, but they will give us an important tool for those of us who want to keep these powerful pain pills out of the hands of our children.

2nd District Assemblyman

Jim Wood, Healdsburg

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