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I am a faithful and committed Catholic. When I came across Carrie Peyton Dahlberg's article ("Every Sperm is Sacred," April 5), I was prepared for yet another hostile or mocking treatment of the church's position on sterilizations, especially with the Monty Python referencing title (a hilarious skit by the way). I was very pleased that you stuck to the facts of how our community would be impacted by the lack of sterilizations as well as pointing that out that St. Joseph's hasn't been compliant with the clear mandate from the USCCB.

I do hope that our local hospital starts living the beliefs that they (and I) profess. It's interesting how the article addresses the impact of what would happen if they actually follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, as one could (should) have assumed they would from the beginning. Or that Dr. Ervin may stop working at the hospital once it's consistent with its own belief system. She is comfortable working for an institution that is Catholic only in name, but not once it enforces its beliefs?

All this comes down to simply wanting to thank you for your article, written without derision. It is easy to make judgment calls on a teaching that can seem so restricting until it's understood. I look forward to reading your future entries.
Ronnie LaGro, Eureka

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