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Thanks for KHSU story




I want to express my appreciation for your very thorough report on what has become a very complex and (of course) controversial issue in the community. “Station Identification” ( July 31) went beyond the surface and contemporary state of affairs to probe the larger context in which decisions on programming, fiscal matters and personnel are made. It is thrilling to live in an area where controversy such as this is publicly aired, for it acts as a bellwether indicator of community awareness. The differing points of view on this and other topics covered by the Journal reflect the diversity of thought and opinion that prevail in the area. To the extent that this “push and pull” of public opinion remains civil, it assures lively debate and a chance to better understand and appreciate a variety of legitimate viewpoints.

Although we all may get seriously worked up over one issue or another from time to time, it seems to me much better than living in a society that is bland, even keeled, rock-steady, unchanging and, in the end, as dull as milquetoast. Thank heavens that the spirited writers of the Journal can bring clarity, insight, and a touch of humor to steady the readership’s equilibrium and keep us up to date.

— Stephen Avis, Fortuna

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