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Thanks for the Crisis, Now What?



At the Jan. 19 Eureka city council meeting, we all took a big step forward in the housing movement focused on houselessness in Eureka by resolving to declare a shelter crisis (see this week's "NCJ Daily"). A resolution first submitted by Councilmember Atkins at the Jan. 5 city council meeting was gutted with a new draft reintroduced by the city attorney. This draft was thoroughly discussed and heavily amended into the current resolution. Based on Atkins' appropriate language amendments, supported by councilmembers Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel, the resolution passed.

As president of the board of Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, Inc., I'd ask you to please watch it on Access Humboldt. It will show how the hard work of AHHA and all advocacy groups and individuals in the community proved to be key in crafting a shelter crisis resolution, a helpful tool for creating pathways to safe, legal places for Eureka's houseless to be. We are grateful to these Eureka city councilmembers and are heartened and encouraged by their courage and integrity.

AHHA encourages those who would like to see our affordable alternatives implemented — sanctuary camps, tiny house villages, safe parking programs and more — to watch a video of the joint meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Eureka city council, and Focus Strategies for the presentation of their housing first implementation plan, held Jan. 26. Visit Access Humboldt or download a report on the presentation on the county website.

Permanent housing will take time; AHHA's proposals will put us in position to respond to the city of Eureka request for proposals for operating these programs. Let's keep moving forward.

The AHHA proposals will be a big part of our AHHA General Assembly on Feb. 6 at Jefferson Community Center, 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Please come join us and share your input for getting folks safe, warm and dry first!

Nezzie Wade, Eureka

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