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Thanks for the Support



I want to thank all of my friends and supporters for voting for me (NCJ Daily, June 9). It means a lot when your friends have such confidence in you. I am proud of the fact that I spent no money in trying to get elected. Money puts the "mock" in democracy.

I will continue to educate folks as to the advantages of becoming a charter county such as being able to stand up to corporate domination through establishing local control, community rights, and the rights of nature. Also, given the dire nature of Humboldt County's budget shortfalls, a public Bank of Humboldt County could solve many of these fiscal issues and therefore we should vigorously seek its establishment.

I think we should press for solarization of our county buildings. We could have saved over $4 million in the last five years on energy costs. Community energy aggregation seems like a scam to me.

We need homes for folks around here. Recently, two friends of mine, both good and dependable employees of a Garberville business, were removed from a campsite where they lived. They both had to leave the area. The business where they worked suffered. But the real tragedy is that one of these fine young men has passed away in Sonoma County. It has been reported to me that he took his own life. I am very sad about this.

When are we going to abandon the "leaf blower mentality" which is the act of blowing your leaves onto your neighbor's yard? We can do better than this.

Thank you.

Bud Rogers, Redway

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