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The Annual Complaint




I patiently wait for the new Journal from the moment I finish reading the current edition. Your stories are well researched, offer a unique perspective to local issues and give a voice to many underappreciated members of this community.

That being said, I could not be more annoyed with your layout on the cover of this week’s issue. Humboldt State University is being threatened with losing its accreditation and you’ve got Rollin Richmond’s head in the bottom left corner being practically swallowed by items featured in your “Holiday Gift Guide.”

If the campus is indeed “in crisis” and this “crisis” is enough to warrant a cover story, why feed the extreme passivity which surrounds this issue by directing one’s attention to where to buy presents for the holidays? Is it because HSU didn’t pay enough money to advertise its story more loudly on your front page?

— Meghan Garrison, Arcata

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