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Thank you for your fine recent article about the child care crisis in Humboldt County ("The Daycare Drought," Jan. 6). Lack of available programs is doing irreparable harm to our economy, our families and -- of course, most important -- the youngest members of our community, very young children.

Keep up your excellent coverage of the grim scarcity of child care in Humboldt County with more stories about parents unable to work and thus returning to the costly welfare system, children abruptly shifted from one caregiver to another or left home alone, teachers of the young put out of work and programs closing due to lack of income. The failure of our society to support child care and early childhood education affects us all.

Kate Shattuck Green, Trinidad



The cover photo used to illustrate "The Daycare Drought" feature article was just stunning. Kudos to Holly Harvey, who I have never met, for taking commercial art beyond commerce to touch the mind and heart in places that the proverbial 1,000 words cannot reach.

Gerald Myers, Elk Ridge


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