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The Little Trees Matter



Regarding the rate of big trees' growth skyrocketing after adjacent thinning: Well, no s**t, Sherlock ("Big Trees," July 17.) This is a big issue in the tree-ring analysis of historic weather conditions, the fact that direct access to sunlight increases tree growth (thus the dropping of adjacent trees due to wind, age, water erosion or a million other possibilities can affect tree growth more than "climate").

So what exactly is the point? Growth in the big trees left behind is unimportant to a commercial forest operator. What's important to everyone is the relative health of the rest of the forest while it still produces enough lumber to make a profit. If managed properly, I believe there can be a balance struck, but the last sentence of the article took off on an irrelevant tangent that does nothing to promote rational thought and debate on the subject.

Steve Parr, Eureka

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