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The Reverse Kinch




Responding last week to your “Growing Pains” cover (Oct. 1), Joshua Kinch sounded more like a pompous Republican or plutocrat rather than his usual justice-seeking Democrat or independent. “The key to affordable housing is your car key,” Kinch wrote. “Drive to a town where your talents, skills, and financial picture allow you to buy a house.”

Kinch might get in better touch with what’s happening on America’s streets these days if he considers the U.S. economy is still on shaky ground, with record high unemployment rates and job outsourcing we haven’t felt the full effect of yet. How can a citizen even rent anything, let alone buy, without reliable, paid employment? Not everyone has a pension, Social Security, personal savings, or rich parents, Joshua.

Further, not everyone wants, nor should be required to, own a car or buy a house. Until the federal government cleans up its act and corporate economics is less monopolized and better regulated, buying a house and the rest of the American Dream is out of reach for millions.

Please don’t leave the little people out of the picture when deciding what constitutes affordable housing.

Bradley Mack, Arcata

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