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Jennifer Savage's "Quit Your Whining" was indeed awesome ("Savage Money," Jan. 20).

I can't shop, so I walk the beach, pick up trash, lose weight, breathe and oxygenate my brain generating well-being and gratitude for freedom and simplicity which is only found in the Now and is, consequently, totally Zen.

Since the Now feels so good, I'm not needing and wanting something from society in general, which keeps me out of the car, liquor store and donut shop.

Organic beans and rice dressed up with a variety of vegetables constitute my daily main meal providing complete protein and plenty of fiber and, therefore, a healthy constitution, which keeps me out of the doctor's office.

Dentists have taken all my savings since I began having to pay for myself (age 18). Dentists, are you rich enough yet?

Since I didn't have the $75 to have my elderly cat euthanized, I took the opportunity to caregive her until she "went." I'd never seen anything die naturally without benefit of drugs. The process was remarkably like natural birth. I soothed her during cramping contractions, gave her water and kept her clean and comfortable. Between contractions there was quality and purring. After the final contraction she breathed out 10-12 times. No more in-breaths. It was intense, meaningful, real and true.

Theres probably a number 14 and 15 awesome reasons to be poor:

14. Fewer visits to the vet.

15. Being okay with dying when your time is up. Since you can't afford tests and life-saving measures you just die (stop eating). This is the God-given way to go, and since you're so skinny anyway and totally Zen there's very little fear or discomfort. In fact, it could be beautiful.

Becky Peterson, McKinleyville


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