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'The Stupidest Thing'



I wish to go on record as stating that Dave Meserve's call for a Sanctuary County is possible the stupidest thing I have ever seen in print ("The Need for Sanctuary," March 9). Do locals realize that, at present, they are already a minority in California? Decades of hard work by the present population have been undone in short order by the lack of a southern border and an aggressive influx of Hispanics. Look it up online. The number of Hispanics (mostly Mexican) outnumbers the white population, in California, at present! The is aided by the presence of 2.5 million illegals, but has occurred in a very short time indeed. It is estimated that up to 14,000 illegals are here in Humboldt. Whatever happened to Global Warming slowing the whole thing down, etc.?

Parking your burro at the border and heading north to take advantage of easy government money and our developed culture is great business for the Third World. Who needs borders anyhow, right Dave? According to Dave, it may take up to 20 years (gag, laugh) to become a citizen. This guy may think that open borders is a better policy than our present Immigration Policy but will shortly learn how wrong he and other liberals are. What impetus is there for someone to stay home and improve and develop their homeland with people like Dave around? Let 'em all in, says Dave. Need for them be damned. Let's have a second language (something no one has ever wanted). Let's pretend that they actually wanted to apply for citizenship but were just a tad too busy, and never quite got around to it. Not a biggie, says Dave. (They are illegals in the real world, in spite of Dave and the local police, including Chief Andy Mills in Eureka.)

Bigotry? Discrimination? Vulnerability? Hogwash. When this pot money dries up (soon), people will look at Dave and his ilk, and realize that they did nothing to help our own homeless, get wages higher, promote job security or get government budgets under control. Dave is the kind of traitor once thought impossible in America. Shame, shame, shame.

Joshua Kinch, Eureka

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