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Those Damned Mexicans


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So sorry to see the usually reliable Hank Sims degenerate into a cursing, bitching partisan on the issue of illegal immigration and the enforcement action at the bulb farms (“Town Dandy,” Sept. 11). As demonstrated in a statewide referendum (Prop. 187), and every opinion poll ever taken, the public does not support the open border policy, with all its obvious negative consequences. How dare Sims, the Arcata City Council and other Quislings insist on the rights of Mexicans over the will of the public?

We already have a wildly generous legal immigration policy (over one million per year), which gets increased to allow for a flow of traitors from the countries we invade, who can no longer live among their countrymen when we finally get booted out. A large number of Iraqis will soon join this group.

Better for this paper that it put the work into a fiscal analysis of the costs, to the public, of all the docile low-wage labor at the bulb farm. Better, too, that [Sun Valley Floral Farm CEO Lane] DeVries get a fine he will never forget.

Sims’ conclusion that white folks don’t like farm work is deeply flawed, as the bulb farm, until the advent of the Mexican invasion about 20 years ago, was employer of last resort for many people, including our homeless population — which, just coincidentally, came into existence right about the time that our borders were finally erased by the Democrats, and our own poor and weak were forced to compete with desperate Third World peasants for jobs and housing.

— Joshua Kinch, Freshwater


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