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Time for Peace


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 I just finished reading Tom Hayden's article ("9/11 Blind," Sept. 8). Obama just gave a moving speech on jobs and MoveOn.Org has jobs as its focus. Please don't get me wrong when I say there is only one job we have to be concerned about. It is the job of ending these seemingly endless wars that are costing our country trillions of dollars and preventing our country from creating jobs other than the job of joining the military and getting killed and killing people in whose lands we do not belong. I am beginning to wonder what is going on. I realize people who have been out of work for a long time and are hungry and have unpaid bills and families to support should not be ignored. But how are we going about creating these needed jobs? Surely not by conducting wars that are none of our business.

When the U.S. captured and killed Osama Bin Laden it seemed to me we got what "we" wanted. "We" won the war. In the words of the late singer and folksong writer Phil Ochs -- "I declare the war is over."  Why didn't Obama do the same? Is there a conspiracy going on that I am too simple to understand?

I think what we have to do is not march for jobs but march for peace. Maybe it will take a draft of both men and women to serve in the military to create a climate of unwillingness to go to war and fight what is not our fight. What we need to fight for is peace. That will create jobs.

Eda Bachrach, Eureka


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