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Towering Beauty



The Blog Jammin' by Heidi Walters from Wednesday, Oct. 23 ("Human Intervention") had me thinking about a topic I have discussed with friends and acquaintances on occasion: What would it take to beautify the Eureka water tower with a mural or something?

The tower is a town landmark that can be seen far and wide. Wouldn't it be great if that landmark was something nice to look at? (The cooling-of-Eureka-tempers blue isn't terrible, but ...)

I'm not sure what the cost would be for something that size, but maybe we can use some redevelopment funds for it. I mean, uh ... right, maybe not.

Who can cajole Flatmo or Alex Fogg or some other creative, artful types into making some submissions on designs for this and help make this dream come true?

Drew Redden, Eureka

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