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Belated note on “Prodigal Arkley” (Dec. 31): In the 15-20 minutes it took me to stop laughing after I perused the piece, I mentally composed a letter to the editor — “Seven-O-Heaven has outdone itself! Hilarious! Brilliant! Thank you!” Then I thought, “Nah, they’ll get so much praise that I don’t need to throw in any more.”

Therefore I was shocked — shocked! — to find only two curmudgeonly thumbs-down letters in the next issue. Can it be that this was like a tree falling in the forest and no one to hear? My first impression stands.

Rick Park, Arcata


After reading your recent article concerning Mr. Arkley, I felt inclined to respond.

I do not know nor have I ever met Mr. Arkley, but this sophomoric, slanderous smut cartoon seemed to me to be much more than in poor taste and not of the highest journalistic standards. Mr. Arkley has done more for this community than the authors of this cartoon could ever accomplish in their combined lifetimes.

Many individuals who perform public service often run to the media for pictures and praise, but this is not Mr. Arkley’s style. His contributions to Humboldt have been more than extensive and they continue to benefit thousands of individuals on the North Coast on a daily basis.

I realize that Arcata has a sizable “hate Arkley, hate capitalism, hate the military, hate Bush, hate the flag” group, and the reason is obviously political. Although the NCJ is light-years to the left of center, this type of journalism should be reserved for Mad magazine and The National Enquirer.

Before printing, I hope in the future the Journal will be more critical of material that slanders an individual, in the guise of humor, because of their political persuasion.

Hoping your new year will be filled with the joys and rewards of Christianity and capitalism.

Robert Kirkpatrick, Eureka


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