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Tree Concerns

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I love trees. The planet needs more of them. There are, however, a number of problems with planting them up and down the sidewalks of Eureka ("Field Notes," July 4).

First of all, in a city with a climate as cool as it is here in Eureka, the last thing we need is more shade.

Next, there is the upkeep problem. In our neighborhood, the 1100 block of C Street serves as a prime (but not unusual) example of tree planting gone bad. The cutouts in the sidewalk have turned into ugly little weed patches and litter magnets that no one seems to care about.

Then there are the pruning chores needed to keep them out of the telephone lines and in good health and the problem of dealing with fallen leaves that rot and turn into slippery globs; problems that will go on for many, many years.

I don't at all understand Natalie Arroyo's claim ("Mailbox," Aug. 8) that they make it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. It seems to me to do just the opposite. Making sidewalks narrower only creates bottlenecks that push people and bicycles into closer proximity.

The intentions of Keep Eureka Beautiful are fine and good and I do appreciate its efforts at beautifying the city, but trees and sidewalks really don't mix well. Sorry to be so negative.

Douglas George, Eureka


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