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Troops Downtown




Right after Obama took office I wrote a letter (with pictures) requesting that the Downtowner be converted into a space for disabled veterans returning from wars in Iraq and Afganistan. It would have been wonderful for those vets with brain trauma and no place to go but a VA facility. At least they could have their own little space to hang a poster or two. There is a VA Clinic right across the street with folks that are sincerely dedicated to helping veterans. It would have involved the community also, in that local civic groups would have been able to sponsor a room and of course other methods could have been used to convert the Downtowner.

It is a shame that it was not a project for stimulus funds. I was just thinking of the service folks returning with brain trauma, no place else to go and I thought it would have been a good thing to do. Sometimes we have to support the troops after they have done their job for America when they are no longer able to tend to themselves. I feel our community clearly would have supported this project. Thank you.

Donn Witherspoon, Eureka


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