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Truth vs. truth




It seems to me that there are several errors, both as to putative "facts" and as to lines of reasoning, in the "Global Warming?" piece by Barry Evans (Field Notes, March 24).

These errors are all of what I call a "Truth-for-truth" nature. That is to say, Mr Evans presents capital "C", capital "T" "Climate Truth," an unhealthy admixture of agendas and belief systems, with actual science, as though it were actual, scientific, climate truth. He gives his readers "Climate Science" in lieu of climate science, "Global Warming" in lieu of global warming. The article is about what Mr Evans thinks should be True, not about what is scientifically true.

I will demonstrate what I have just said with just one of several errors to be found in the "Global Warming" piece:

Mr Evans asserts as "Truth" - undeniable, capital "T," not to be debated or questioned "Truth" - that there is, in his words, an "overwhelming scientific consensus that global warming is indeed human caused... ."

This is simply not - lower case "t" - true.

Mr. Evans and others of a similar bent have made this bogus assertion of an accepted and acknowledged consensus with such persistence, repetition and intensity over many years that the scientific community has felt the need to issue formal repudiations of it. Here is one, from the "Editor's Comments" in "APS Forum Physics Society July 2008":

"There is a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree with the IPCC conclusion that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are very probably likely to be primarily responsible for the global warming that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution. ..."

My own experience has been that feeding Google such words as "AGW consensus collapses," "many qualified scientists disagree on agw," "agw not proven" and the like will produce many, many hits showing that the debate about agw is alive and well, that there is nothing like "consensus" on agw, that climate science is very far from being fully understood and settled, and that many of the very top people in climate science and atmospheric physics have rejected the concept that man made CO2 is the primary cause of recent warming.

James Kennedy, Salmon Creek


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