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Ugh, People



Reading Barry Evans' synopsis of climate change ("Climate Change 101," June 11 and 18) brings to mind a rush of thoughts. Climate change is of course a convenient euphemism for the destruction of our earth. Petro Man, not fully human, always in a hurry, largely self-interested above all else, cannot bear the thought of putting away the car keys. Even one day a week, because commerce and convenience rule. Prius maybe, but not beyond that.

With the earth being literally devoured by billions more mouths to feed, we still pay the poor to breed 'em, whether or not they can feed 'em. We continue to give tax deductions to couples with children, as if we need more children. We still, under the banner of Humanity, rush food aid to places where the natives are overpopulating their environment so badly it can no longer support them. If that is not enough, we allow them to migrate to more developed nations and leave the damage behind.

Mindless activities like Redwood Acres and tourism use gas and jet fuel like there is no tomorrow. The corrupt political and corporate class think of little but profits and taxes.

Looking back, history will view this time as the most depraved in human history. Forget slavery, war, etc. Civilized people knew, and could feel, the very earth itself being destroyed, and stood by drooling, at the mall, eating their poisoned corporate food, and buying their crap from China, while the signs are everywhere about our precious planet's impending doom. Climate change 102, I guess it is called.

Joshua Kinch, Eureka

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