Reflecting upon Mormon Mitt Romney possibly becoming president and the hardships his policies could bring, Becky Peterson (Mailbox, "Missionaries, Not Troops," Sept. 13) brilliantly addressed the issue of government attempting to impose a particular religious doctrine on its multi-cultured populace.

While Becky explained that corporate manipulation of innocent sinners is typically advanced by Christain soliders, one should also note that the failed "war" on drugs has been used during the past 40 years to advance America's corporate-right economy, and gangsterism is covertly supported to maintain illicit drug distribution nationally. Remember the Iran-Contra scandal? The adverse influence some drug traffickers have upon U.S. communities, such as perpetuating racism and homophobia, can't be overlooked.

Near the end of her letter, Becky asserted judgment of life automatically produces a type of hell for many, which was questionable because, whether unconscious or deliberate, nearly all of us judge or are judged whenever we socialize or engage in business transactions. Their cushy lifestyle evidently allows "one percenters" to make fewer and less stressful judgments, but for everyone else judging daily life is inescapable.

And considering family planning experts have placed much emphasis lately on couples having good care-giving skills before becoming parents, I can't agree that consuming beer or pot or having a child out of wedlock doesn't sometimes also produce a type of hell on earth.
Because these are leisure rather than work-related behaviors, shouldn't the question be asked: Who pays?

Bradley Mack, Eureka

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