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Um, Ryan?



I opened the Journal last week to find a column that accused the city of Eureka of trying to murder homeless people by drowning them in a tsunami ("Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!" Jan. 1). This was in no way what the council discussion was on Dec. 16. In fact, we were exploring many ways to address the issue of people not having homes. One idea is to establish a place where a sanctuary village can be constructed. Considering that much of Eureka is vulnerable to an extreme tsunami, some of the possible locations were in that zone. My house is half a block from that zone, it's hard to avoid.

The discussion of a fence around the village is to assure the residents of the village have a secure place to stay, never to lock people in to be drowned. I would hope that in the future a more accurate characterization of what the council is trying to accomplish will make its way into your columns.

Please come to our meetings and express your support or reservations about what we are doing. Write us emails or make phone calls. You elected us to represent you. I for one want to hear what you have to say.

Linda Atkins, Eureka

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