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Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but the unemployment rate is at a 43-year low (Mailbox, Oct. 26). Employers are hearing "I quit" and saying "You're hired" more often. People are finding greener (as in more money) pastures instead of stuck in "the new normal" of 1 percent GDP the last eight years. Today's GDP is 3.1. Food stamp participation is at its lowest since 2010. Home ownership is increasing and the stock market is going nuts because people are optimistic. One million new jobs in the last six months. Seven of 10 businesses are planning on hiring. Heck, even ISIS is done in the Mideast. All good news if one exited college owing $30,000 to $100,000 to the government.

Unfortunately, and problematically, this boom won't happen in California. Businesses with good jobs aren't moving to California; they're leaving. Taxes, regulations and the recent insanity to extend the cap-and-trade program have pretty much done in opportunities of a major uptick in moving/opening businesses in the sanctuary state California. But the point is there are good paying jobs available elsewhere. If you don't see things improving here, it might be time to relocate.

We hear Sacramento's repetitive mantra of "...to increase the xxx tax," "the new xxx tax ..." "more protections (regulations ) are needed ...." but where is OUR representation? Imagine the Last Chance Grade happening in Napa ("Slip, Sliding Away," April 6)? Huffman would have a shovel in hand the next day.

Brown didn't even have the Last Chance Grade on his priority infrastructure list. The last I heard, Huffman was planning on planning a meeting. We are told every day to write to our representatives/bureaucrats ([email protected]) and we all have. Do Brown, Feinstein, Harris, Huffman, Wood or McGuire know how crucial that road is to our region? Or is spending their time on making California a sanctuary state more important? The answer is obvious.

Rick Brennan, Eureka

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