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Marcy Burstiner correctly notes that "here in Humboldt, we all seem to complain about the quality of our local newspapers" ("Dark Ages," Feb. 5). But when she lists the newspapers whose "hard-working reporters" without whose work "we wouldn't have a clue as to what's happening in our small, isolated world," she omits the Redwood Times, which is, like the Times-Standard, owned by MediaNews Group, and the Independent, a family-owned publication for which I write. 

Those of us who live or work in Southern Humboldt have become all too used to being treated as non-existent entities by the city folk up in Eureka and Arcata, but for an HSU journalism professor, of all people, to fail to acknowledge the contributions of Southern Humboldt reporters to their own communities is inexcusable. Or did Ms. Burstiner really mean "Northern Humboldt" when she wrote "Humboldt"?

— Cristina Bauss, Piercy

Ed. Note: For the sake of completeness, let's also give a shout-out to the McKinleyville Press, the Ferndale Enterprise and the Hoopa People. 

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