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Vote Allison!



Eureka is getting excited as word is getting around town about city council candidate Austin Allison. When you hear Austin speak, his upbeat 21st century outlook is refreshing and his enthusiasm pours out as he shares his vision for working people in creating living wages, improving infrastructure that encourages lifelong residency and attracts the professionals Eureka lacks, including physicians. Not only is Austin a medical professional at St. Joseph Hospital, he is a union organizer who has helped get 300 local families off welfare and onto a living wage at St. Joseph.

Austin plans to support expansion of small businesses and entice computer technology companies into Eureka by providing the addition of one back-up line to ensure service 24/7 to businesses like St Joseph Hospital that relies on vital computer data for patient care.

When you vote for Austin Allison, you vote for a man with a can-do attitude.

Joan Dixon, Bayside

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