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Vote Burke



As a voting McKinleyville resident, I enthusiastically support Mary Burke for our new board member of the McKinleyville Community Service District (MCSD) Board of Directors.

I am a retired business woman and member of group that has been working to identify capable leaders in our community to chart the future of McKinleyville. In our search, we discovered many fine individuals who are not ready to commit themselves to public service, or do not want to add still another responsibility to their lives.

Mary Burke is committed to public service and ready to serve on the MCSD board. Like many of her peers, Mary is a full-time professional, wife and parent. Yet she is willing to give her time and talents to our community. She is willing be involved in difficult fiscal decisions that our service district must make. She is willing to listen to community members, hear our concerns and help us create a McKinleyville we citizens want for now and in the future.

I was instantly drawn to Mary's presence when I met her several years ago at a McKinleyville community gathering. She was calm, listened carefully, asked good questions and brought a measured perspective to the discussion at hand. I learned of Mary's passion for our area and her desire to be an active leader. Her vision is to create a healthy, accessible and people-centered community here in McKinleyville where we all have a voice. She intends to stay the course — to be involved now and in the years to come.

Mary inspires me and has earned my full support. Please join me in voting for her when you receive your mail-in ballots Feb. 14. Ballots must be received by March 14 to be counted.

Kate McClain, McKinleyville


Mary Burke will be an excellent addition to the McKinleyville Community Services District board. Mary will be the only woman and the youngest member and, with her young son and husband, she represents families that will benefit from a voting voice in McKinleyville. Mary already volunteers on the Recreation Advisory Committee for MCSD and has successfully brought in grant money for improvements in the wastewater system while improving fish habitat on the Mad River.

Mary's interests, skills and experience are impressive. I encourage you to read more about Mary online (VoteMaryBurke.org), complete your mail-in ballot, put a stamp on it and send it off to the Elections Office by March 14. Thank you for participating in McKinleyvílle's future.

Linda Doerflinger, McKinleyville


I would like to express my unqualified support for the candidacy of Mary Burke for the McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) Board of Directors. Mary has served on the MCSD Recreation Committee and is knowledgeable, professional and very pleasant to work with. She will treat all her constituents with respect. Mary also understands how MCSD working toward creating linked trails, developing a Mad River park and securing a community forest between McKinleyville and Fieldbrook can lead to increased property values, as well as improved quality of life and community health. Watch for your ballot in the mail and be sure to send it in before March 14 to the Humboldt County Elections Department to help elect Mary Burke to the MCSD.

Patrick Higgins, McKinleyville

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