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Vote, McKinleyville!



It is my pleasure to endorse Mary Burke for the open board seat on the McKinleyville Community Service District (MCSD).

As the MCSD board representative to the Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC), I have been attending committee meetings for several years now, where Mary is a voting member. Mary's consistent preparation and presentation skills are impressive.

Mary has also presented to the MCSD board regarding our proposal to convert our unused percolation ponds to off-stream habitat for juvenile Coho salmon and steelhead trout. Mary's knowledge and ability to navigate multiple agencies' rules, has been helpful to both MCSD staff and the board in understanding what we might accomplish on the river.

Additionally, there has been talk of a future river park on our 35-acre parcel on North Bank Road. If MCSD were to move forward on such a proposed project, Mary's knowledge of the river and the agencies that manage it would be an asset to our board.

Mary is also involved in coordinating numerous other projects in our community: Humboldt Steelhead Days, for example.

Finally, I know Mary and her husband as the folks who bought the run-down house just around the corner and turned it into a beautiful home for themselves and their son. So, Mary is a neighbor, too.

Please consider putting a skilled and respected neighbor like Mary, who has so much to contribute to our community and our District, on our MCSD board. And, remember, this is a ballot by mail election so watch your mailbox around Feb. 13 and please vote!

George A. Wheeler, McKinleyville

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