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It is surprising that Chet Albin didn't drop out of the race for Eureka city council after the Aug. 2 "incident" at Arts Alive. I believe that can only be explained by the lack of print media coverage or investigation, though there was a reference to the incident by the Buhne Tribune in the Sept. 4 edition of the Journal. Voters can still read the full story for themselves as it was covered online by reporter Ryan Burns by simply googling the words: "Chet Albin drug fueled altercation."

Chet's challenger, Natalie Arroyo, has so many outstanding qualities that make her an obvious choice to represent the citizens of Eureka in general and the 5th Ward in particular. Her interview on the Times-Standard website will give voters great insight into her values and accomplishments, but in light of Albin's behavior at Arts Alive, including his alleged statement to the local craftsman that "we don't need your kind in this town," it seems Ms. Arroyo would need only the basic human decency she has in abundance to be the clear choice on Nov. 4.

Richard Salzman, Sunny Brae


Measure S is structured unfairly. It is treating me as if I live within the attendance boundaries of Eureka's elementary and secondary schools when I only live within the boundaries of Eureka's secondary schools. I live in South Bay Union District and pay for their 1999 bond.

Eureka's previous bonds, S and T, tax residences in the independent elementary feeder districts for just the secondary school facilities bond ($30,000/$100,000 assessed value) and tax residences within the elementary and secondary attendance areas for both of the facilities bonds (total $60,000/$100,000). Taxpayers in the feeder districts are not paying for facility improvements that their children do not use. Measure S would tax everyone as if they live within the elementary and secondary boundaries — $60,000/$100,000. Taxpayers should not be responsible for the elementary facilities of two separate school districts.

This measure is unfair to taxpayers. Vote no on Measure S.

Gaye Gerdts, Eureka


I support Juan Fernandez for Arcata city council because he will not sacrifice his values to gain popularity. He is less concerned about dog parks and more concerned about human rights. He will sincerely strive to help Arcata become a more transparent and comfortable place for people of all backgrounds. The way he projects himself does not carry any trace of arrogance. He does not act like he is superior to anyone else and yet is still able to hold authority in his interactions with everyone. I am voting for Juan Fernandez because he is not afraid to truly care. Most importantly, he knows how the city works and will be an invaluable resource to the city if elected into office.

Peter Mueller, Arcata


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