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In regards to the feelings about Wal-Mart by some people here ("Mailbox," Dec. 29) my sister has worked for Wal-Mart for over 10 years and is a manager. I have been in several Wal-Marts over the years, and many of the people who work in them were very satisfied to work there. The stores that could not handle Wal-Mart coming into the area were those who would not have made it even with a small box store. Some were not able to survive, but many other stores remodeled and made it after a bit of refurbishing and continue to thrive. As far as calling for a boycott, this is foolish because many of us have gone to Ukiah or to Crescent City to shop.

Those who choose can boycott if they like, but many of us welcome the opportunity to shop with Wal-Mart.

Ted Adams, Arcata

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