Please don’t perpetuate the myth that Arcata has locked out chain stores (“Small-Box”, July 10). It’s only formula restaurants that are limited to nine by the City Council.

Borders, Crate & Barrel, the Gap — nay, even Home Depot — are free to establish themselves within the city of Arcata, without restriction. In fact, the city’s Community Development Department is currently working with developers to increase the number of chain retail in the Giuntoli area (along with two new chain hotels already planned, with conference facilities). Arcata might very well have its own version of Eureka’s South Broadway sometime soon.

Arcatans interested in preventing the establishment of new formula retail stores should check out the proposed Formula Retail Ordinance drafted by the City Committee on Democracy & Corporations. Until and unless that ordinance is passed, the door remains open to chain stores in Arcata — even if Starbucks stays away.

Shannon Tracey, Arcata

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