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We lost the war

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I have seen the future for the Emerald Triangle. It ain't pretty.

Corporations and other rich cretins have and are driving prices sky high. This noted speculator ("The Curious Case of Parcel 106-101-054," June 23) is a prime example of greed making folks do stupid things. Sadly, we regular residents will pay the price ... in many ways.

It may take a bit longer but we will also see even more obscene increased housing prices.

No longer will anyone just wanting a small piece of the countryside ever be able to make any dream come true. No longer will anyone be able to buy their "starter" home. They probably already can't afford one as prices are currently excessively high.

The only folks looking forward to the oncoming green rush are realtors. We know how soulless most of them are. They don't give a damn about anything but their fees and commissions.

We may have won the battle but we have lost the war ... and I ain't talking about the completely worthless "War On Drugs."

It's only gonna' get worse. Count on it.

Gura Lashlee, McKinleyville


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