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Up front let me say that regardless of family, I would not endorse my daughter Elan Firpo if I didn't believe she is the best choice for district attorney. Here's why:

Elan routinely and voluntarily works a 60 to 70 hour week (no overtime paid).

She's politically neutral — no pattern of political indebtedness among her donors, unlike some others.

She was named "outstanding prosecutor" by MADD. The first ever in Humboldt County.

She has experience — Elan's ability to organize and supervise has been demonstrated locally and internationally.

Folks, historically the "doers and shakers" of the world are the creatively gifted, not those who have stagnated in place. If you want justice rather than just the law, if you want quality of prosecution rather than just quantity, if you want the truly dangerous repeat criminals off the street, then you owe it to yourself, your family, your community to elect Elan Firpo Humboldt County District Attorney.

Bill Welton, Fortuna


I support Elan Firpo for D.A. She is the only candidate currently working as deputy district attorney and is a senior felony prosecutor. She is endorsed by the Humboldt Civil Liberties Defense Fund, and, simply stated, she's brilliant and offers the best choice for Humboldt County's future. She has extensive experience managing personnel and has articulated specific plans for moving the office forward.

Her primary opponent, Maggie Fleming, is backed by law enforcement. I do not want them to be choosing our next D.A. Simply put, I believe Fleming would be a return to power for the old guard, which would be most unfortunate for Humboldt County's future. On the other hand, Elan Firpo has fresh ideas, grounded in the hard work she's been doing after Fleming and others quit the office.

Richard Salzman, Arcata


When elected, Maggie Fleming will bring a wealth of experience as seasoned prosecutor to the office of the district attorney. Her successful prosecution record can't be matched. Maggie is not only the best choice but the only logical choice for district attorney of Humboldt County — and that is why I enthusiastically support Maggie Fleming for district attorney. Please join with me and many other law enforcement professionals in voting for Maggie Fleming for district attorney on June 3.

Mike Downey


I endorse Maggie Fleming for Humboldt County District Attorney. Maggie will bring extensive prosecutorial experience, proven professional managerial skills, toughness, and the strategic vision necessary to restore a dysfunctional public office.

As a state-wide coordinator of a volunteer work place mediation service, I work daily with county governments throughout California providing direct support to military service members from all services. During my 28-year military career, I learned to recognize leadership traits first hand. As a "war-time" base commander, I relied on my abilities to assess managerial skills in people to provide the strategic insight necessary to handle any situation that presented itself. I see those strong leadership skills in Maggie Fleming. Her talents far surpass all the other candidates in this DA race. This military veteran is marking a ballot beside Maggie Fleming's name.

Ronald Pierre, Eureka


Plea bargains are common. Trials are stressful and uncertain. Avoiding those demons is often good, and always tempting for the prosecutor.

So, a deal is made. Then, at the last moment, when the only thing left is for the defendant to say "guilty," some will say "no contest," which cheats the victim and the public. Too many prosecutors sit silent instead of sticking to the deal as agreed, which is their duty under the law.

Twice, to my knowledge, defendants have said "no contest" after agreeing to plead guilty when Maggie Fleming was prosecuting. One was a stabbing, one a child molestation case.

Twice Maggie calmly said "unacceptable." The judge asked — was Maggie going go to trial for the difference between "no contest" and "guilty?" Maggie did just that, and both juries came back guilty on all counts.

Fair, tough, not to be trifled with. Maggie Fleming for District Attorney.

Andrew Isaac, Arcata


As a businessman I know that managerial talent and leadership are distinctly different than technical skills. I have often been disappointed when I've promoted people who are excellent practitioners but lack the fundamental talents necessary to lead a complex organization.

That is why I am supporting Elan Firpo for District Attorney.

Firpo's 25 years of experience in the law and in administration in the private sector make her the candidate with the only proven track record of performance as a leader. She knows how to manage and lead. She has a plan to make Humboldt County a safer place. She will deliver results.

Please join me in voting for Elan Firpo for District Attorney.

Neal Ewald, Trinidad

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