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Well, Fudge



During the past several years, I have noticed the North Coast Journal's general writing style loosening up, perhaps unconsciously moving in a more casual or "folksy" direction. When I read Jennifer Savage's recent piece about tipping ("Before You Stiff Your Server," Feb. 6), with her use of the word "motherfucker," I had to write.

I use what many would consider "dirty" words in my daily life sometimes and usually don't give it a thought. But I don't use it where it is not considered appropriate. If I am speaking to fellow humans that I don't know, I assume that they may be offended by such language until I get to know them personally. But seeing this trend in the Journal's writing has made me realize that I prefer at least semi-formal speech in my public discourse. (I was actually a bit surprised at my own reaction at first.)

Do I think the Journal should make a policy curtailing this kind of behavior? Absolutely not. Free speech has to be free. Am I offended by the use of this language? No, I'm really not. I'm just saying that my reaction to reading a journalist's work who uses this casual style of writing, is that I take what they are saying less seriously. Motherfucker? Really?

Tim Gray, Eureka

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