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What's that Smell?



According to a Ryan Burns article posted June 14 on the Lost Coast Outpost, Journal Publisher Judy Hodgson recently spoke to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and "urged the board to reconsider rules about setbacks from school bus stops." This was prompted by a neighbor's plan to site a marijuana project directly across from her winery's tasting room. Presumably her logic was that it was preferable for school children awaiting a bus to be subjected to the stench of Humboldt homegrown, rather than the customers at her winery. The irony and hypocrisy of this proposal is almost beyond imagination.

The Journal has by any measure been a strong proponent of the grow business, with almost weekly articles about one aspect or another, a weekly column dedicated to the industry, and even asides by the Editor acknowledging grudgingly that the paper has developed a reputation in the community as the weekly weed rag. This says nothing of the substantial revenue generated by the grow industry advertisements which pervade the publication.

So now faced with the real world reality of the grow scene, Ms. Hodgson seems willing to suggest a self-serving policy at the expense of the rest of the community. I suggest it is time for Ms. Hodgson to take pen in hand and explain to the readers why she is willing to provide substantial editorial support to the grow biz, stuff her pockets with the advertising revenue and then cry wolf to the BOS when the outcome of her publication's advocacy seems poised to bite her in the ass.

Glenn Ziemer, Eureka

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