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Who Are You Calling Vulnerable?



Regarding "The Need for Sanctuary" (March 9), you often hear these days of "the need to protect those who are the most vulnerable in our society." Who decides who is the most vulnerable? Are those who have violated federal law to enter this country and then violate additional laws to remain that vulnerable class? Is it those who have been repeatedly deported only to reenter illegally again and, upon entering, illegally commit crimes ranging from DUI to robbery, rape and murder with disastrous effects on American families? Or is it those who, upon being here illegally and convicted of a crime, are then released back into the public to perpetrate more crime? After all, in sanctuary cities, there are no consequences. Are MS-13 members part of that vulnerable class?

I believe the truly vulnerable in our society are the American citizens like Karen Steinle and her family. Karen was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times only to reenter. He had been convicted of seven felonies during his stays but was released by the county of San Francisco. There are countless Steinle stories and it's clear that it is American families who are the ones who need protection. The costs of illegal immigration imposed on the American citizen's is staggering, not just in dollars, but in human lives. I believe those citizens who are long-term unemployed and want to work are part of that vulnerable class.

"We need to protect the most vulnerable in our society and be inclusive" is liberal progressive speak that endangers the vulnerable in our society and is spouted by the usual suspects who have a history of examining the interior of their lower gastrointestinal tract with their head lamps on backwards. Get the picture?

John Damon, Mckinleyville

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