If the existence of the Loch Ness monster, "Nessie," could be positively disproved, I would find the world to be a less interesting place. Should anyone ask me if I believe in Nessie, I would have to say that I keep an open mind on the subject. Since science cannot prove or disprove certain things I recommend, as a person who thinks scientifically, that we keep an open mind on all subjects. Thus I retain a comfortable level of doubt that there might be a Loch Ness monster, although nearly every photograph, mysterious anomaly of sonar or sighting in the loch can be explained logically. Most of these phenomena could be the results of underwater storms and dead tree snags, in various stages of saturation, reacting to currents and pressure changes. Then again, there could be something else.

Barry Evans' "Field Notes" is one of my favorite features in the NCJ. He is a good writer who knows how to explain natural science to the layperson and make it interesting. Now I wonder what he has up his sleeve with his recent article "Hummie, Monster of the Bay" (April 2).The photo by his Russian cousin, Evan S'bov (is he for real?), showing Hummie out on the bay is quite convincing. It does, however, look very much like the "Surgeon's Photo" of Nessie superimposed on a photo of Humboldt Bay. The Surgeon's Photo was revealed years ago as a small carving attached to the back of a toy submarine. This was photographed on the water with nothing around it to use as a frame of reference in regards to size. It looks really good, however, especially when it is superimposed onto a picture of Loch Ness on an overcast day with the ruins of Urqhart Castle in the foreground.

Whatever develops in Mr. Evans' column in the future, regarding this subject, I'm sure that it will be fun and interesting as his articles always are. Thank you, Barry, and keep up the good work. There's got to be a lot smarter bunch of people in Humboldt County thanks to you. To all my fellow readers, remember to keep an open mind. I'm not saying that there is no Nessie or Hummie. After all, who really knows for sure?

Saxon Roe, Redway

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