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Whole Wheat Severity


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Long ago the Co-op Bakery — more formally known as the North Coast Bakery, or simply to some as the God D*ed Bakery — did indeed make a “severe” whole wheat loaf (“Quest for Bread,” Jan. 14). We still do: It’s our whole wheat sourdough, and some people still love it. We also used to make a wide selection of sliced whole wheat sandwich breads that were quite popular. We have discontinued most of those for reasons I will not go into.

However, we do still make our signature Everybody’s Whole Wheat Bread (whole wheat flour, water, gluten, soy flour, molasses, canola oil, salt, yeast, that’s it) on Wednesdays mostly, unless we don’t. On Friday (again, unless there’s a hitch) our popular 9-Grain loaf (also whole wheat) is baked.

Both are available in the Eureka and Arcata Co-ops.

Michael H. Morris, Master Baker (careful with that), North Coast Bakery


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