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Work, Watch, Love




Re: "Kids Today" (Oct. 6) by Ryan Burns; Professor Nancy Vizenor came close to my own views by saying, "they're not necessarily lazy, but they do want to have a work-life balance." Kids today have been raised to accept payment in other ways than monetarily.  Rather than work to an early, ulcer-ridden demise, they've chosen to work less, but for longer. The average retirement age has increased, it will increase more and if the only thing a person uses for retirement funds is from the government then good luck to them. The youth of today know that they will be working for 40, 50, 60 years more and have become aware of the true nature of Social Security. Working for oneself, towards happiness, for others via volunteer work, or for the sake of creating something beautiful is far more than an $8 per hour job with no benefits and no mental stimulation could ever pay. 

The protests show many are willing to work very hard, but they aren't willing to work for a life completely devoid of meaning and freedom.

Re: "Is Walmart Watching you?" (Oct. 6). If they are, they must be very bored. Rich, but bored. Google has a new system similar to what is described in Burstiner's article. It's called What Do You Love? (wdyl.com) The consumer-wench-with-impulse-issues-who-hates-when-people-have-a-point-against-conveniences inside me really likes it. A lot. 

Re: Barry Evans; nothing really to add on, I just think that people need to go back and read the Field Notes section. It's really cool, and I bet it could be used to form some sort of pick-up line for any improbably hot dweebs that may exist. 

Thanks for being decent.

Talvi Fried, Eureka


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