I sincerely hope Betty Chinn's daycare for the homeless on Seventh and C streets is a great success ("Waiting for Chinn," Jan. 3). It will provide an opportunity for those who really want to get off the streets and lead a healthy and productive life. "Broken Eureka" needs some major fixin' and at least some good will come from this endeavor, as opposed to not trying at all. It's great that churches and others are finally rallying around Betty in a big way, after her three decades of courageous service to others. Ah, the blessings of celebrity, and Betty must be delighted for the support this has brought her mission.

I understand that some businesses in the daycare's neighborhood are voicing their concerns regarding potential problems or an influx of transients to their area. These are well founded. Probably only a portion of the homeless cause the theft, vandalism, public urination/defecation, etc. that trouble neighborhoods. As a longtime resident of Old Town, I have had my car broken into twice (after taking precautions), have been approached too often by threatening persons with psychotic behaviors, aggressive panhandlers and raging meth addicts. This is proportionate to the increasing influx of transients from within and without Humboldt County. If I could afford, on a retired nurses' fixed income, to move to a safer area -- it would be done now.  

In all likelihood, it's probably better for the greater good that downtown Eureka is the "go to" designated place -- safely away from schools, churches, other businesses and family neighborhoods. It's interesting to note how people speak up when they perceive their own places of work and homes are threatened by the invading homeless -- obviously with good reason!

All the same, Betty Chinn and friends, it's honorable that you try to make a dent in this staggering human misery.

Cheri Corell, Eureka

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