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Yes on P 


To P or not to P? Our nation was founded upon the critical principle of representative government. The truest form of the ideal "democracy" can be found in the representative nature of our jury system, our county Board of Supervisors, our state Legislature and the United States Senate. Why should the city of Eureka be any different?

What if there was a consortium of the high schools in Humboldt County? Would Arcata High School want to be represented by Ferndale High School? Wouldn't Mack be much better represented by a student who actually attends that school?

Why do we think the ward system in Eureka is different? Our city is not large, but needs and dreams are largely different throughout the city. Let's vote yes on Measure P so that council members can get to know and be elected by the people they actually need to serve. Reward true ward, please.

Jasper Sage, Eureka

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