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Yes on V

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Well, here we go again, big money is rolling in from outside sources to defeat an important measure. Millionaires from outside Humboldt are making sure they can get fat off of buying land here and creating mobile home parks where they will be unfettered in their ability to raise rents as high as they wish year in, year out. 

Mobile home owners are trapped, moving their home is very expensive. Many are seniors, disabled, fixed income folks. Measure V protects them and it protects the park owners as well. Rent increases are tied to the Consumer Price Index. Park owners are protected by giving them a path to increases for emergency repairs or park improvements requested by more than 50 percent of residents. The taxpayers are protected by a resident's $5-per-month fee to administer the measure. 

We must do the right thing, vote yes on Measure V.

Sylvia De Rooy, Eureka


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