North Coast Night Lights: 2020 A New Light Review


The year 2020 was something of an off year. I, for one, took fewer photographs; I simply had less creative energy this year.

There was the never-ending pandemic, followed by the raging, record-setting wild fires of summer and fall. On top of that, with very little time to prepare I was asked to teach a new class, and for the first time I had to teach a class entirely online. The fires impacted student performance, the pandemic affected them, and adjusting to purely online instruction affected them. It was an interesting year and semester at College of the Redwoods. It all got to me, too, with the result that I had less creative energy for my photography. Maybe the coming semester will be a little smoother; at least there shouldn’t be any wildfires.
While 2020 certainly contributed more than its share of ill wind, there was still a great deal of beauty to be found in it. Outside of human consciousness, Nature’s magnificence continued unabated. Allow me to share a few of the beautiful scenes that I found while prowling 2020’s North Coast Night Lights.

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