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Kayak: Borrow a kayak from a friend or rent one from Bigfoot Rafting Co. in Willow Creek or Pacific Outfitters in Arcata or Eureka. I prefer inflatable kayaks for this kind of short expedition, because they pack up small and light. 

In your dry bag: A chain bike lock (for locking up your kayaks while you run/bike your shuttle), two plastic water bottles (one for water and one to fill with blackberries at the put-in), sunblock, sneakers if you plan to run, a small towel, your ID and $20.

Partner(s) in Crime: When exploring a new stretch of river, choose your crew carefully. Try to find fun, flexible, and patient folks. Sometimes even the most mellow float can go wrong, or just long. Only adventure with people who can appreciate the journey.

Drink: Mad River Brewery is located at 101 Taylor Way in Blue Lake. 

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